freestyle swimming

#The MovementRegular Swimmingשחייה תחרותית בשיטת WEST
1Fingers above the waterFingers closed and stretchedFingers are open (not so much) inside and outside the water
2Angle between forearm & upper arm in entering the hand in the waterAbout 90 degrees between the upper arm and the fore arm in order to stretch the arm as much as possible in the water. An Obtuse angle is possible only when the flexibility of the swimmer allows it.Obtuse angle between the upper arm and the fore arm. The hand as it touches the water has to be as straight as possible
3Height of elbow above the waterAs much as possibleElbow is not so high & far from the head
4Angle of palms entering the waterBetween 0 to 45 degrees0 degrees to be ready for the pull
5Depth of hands in side waterAlmost  in the line of the waterBetween 10 to 40 centimeter depends of the flexibility of shoulders & neck
6LegsThe rhythm of the legs is fast between 2-6The legs are moving slowly & only when the body is rolling and not by themselves
7The finishing of the poolFinishing in the side of the bodyWe finish in the internal side of the thigh
8Depth of the headHead forward sometimes high when we swim fastHead strate ' the middle of the head is in the line of the water or even deaper , we try to find the place of the head when the legs
9The arrow at the beginning of the swimWe push the wall in arrow position and only after 2 sec we begin swimmingAt least 2 movement of the hips (dolphin)
10Breathing timingAs the hand touches the water the body start rolling and the head turns with the bodyAt the end of the pull the head rises

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