Swimming Groups

Ori Sela’s Water World has variety of swimming groups that train in three pools:

Ages 3-5 years:

At these ages children train once a week, the main component is breast-stroke exercises for strengthening the shoulder girdle, breathing and working on crawl with and without fins.

The lesson is 30 min long.

Ages 5-7 years:

At these ages we combine breast-stroke as a main style in practice, during that time we also exercise the other three styles, this training combines flexibility and muscles strengthening  and is 30-45 min long.

Ages 7-10 years:

After the stage of learning how to swim we continue to the phase of training, where we work on the most important component which is movement accuracy, in each of the four styles. Every lesson begins with warm-up has a main exercise which usually works on different physical elements (changes from practice to practice), aerobic, speed, coordination, perfection of the movement and more.

Maters Groups Ages 25-60:

We have three masters groups which combine man and women, most of them aren’t former swimmers.

Masters A1: A professional and competitive group

Masters A2: Advanced group

Masters B1: Beginners group

Our goals are

  • Improvement of physical fitness
  • Muscle strengthening
  • Breathing improvement
  • Coordination
  • Learning for swimming strokes
  • Gaining full control of them in the competitive point of view
  • Most important, a fun form of gaining fitness
מוכנים לקפוץ למים?
Ready to jump into the water?


לקוחות יקרים

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