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Infant swimming with parents

Infant swimming starts from the age of three months to four years. The actual swimming and all the rest of the actively is proceeded with the patents in the water.

The warm temperature and pleasant atmosphere help the babies’ development and strengthen their relationship with their patens.

The child learns to feel naturally comfortable within the water area. The exercises and games help strengthen the toddlers, improve weight balance coordination, respiratory system and self confidence.

Ori Sela’s Water World pool is open all year long, and is heated especially conformed to answer all the needs of the children.

The instructors:

Ori Sela’s instructors are Wingate graduates, swimming instructors for all ages and have lots of experience in the field. The baby swimming instructors, in addition to their professional qualification, have a remarkable approach to treating infants. Our instructors are a foundation stone of Ori Sela’s Water World, their great passion to their work with babies in the water along with their professionalism and great experience are what characterize and designate us compared to others.

About the pool

Our infant swimming is taking place in Glilot Tel Aviv, Ramat Hasharon, Tel Aviv Harbor and Raanana.

The pool is specifically suited for all the toddlers needs, and also the variance treatments. Our super vision system is computerized and is in charge of inspection and control of every second during the day so that maintenance is kept with high standard in addition.

The super vision system automatically adds all of the additives according to health government ministry regulation.

The temperature of the water is 91.4 F (unlike ordinary swimming pools which are heated up to 82.4 F), together with high circulation and a proper amount of chlorine which is suited for all the situations of the pool.

In the area of the pool we have a shower, dressing cabins and changing desks for the babies. There is a big parking space just outside the pool and it’s free to all our customers.

What the lessons are like at infant swimming and when do we start the fly stoke?

The first month of the course is all about adapting, the babies adapt to their instructor to the pool, the atmosphere, the games and the songs. After about a month comes the stage of diving – or to be more accurate – putting the children’s faces in the water. Once the adaptation period is over we continue to work on mussel strengthening, coordination, body weight balance, breathing and the children’s self confidence.

The whole lesson is accompanied by songs and games and endless love.

Up to the age of two years (more or less) we prepare the child to the real stage – the swimming stage. We start by practicing drawing big circles with our hands and kicking with our feet. The kids success in swimming 1-5 M underwater without having to lift their head above the surface. Around the age of three children work with fins on their feet and work very hard to strengthen their shoulders in order to be able to lift their head above water surface and breath.

From the age of three to four years the children learn to swim full breast – stroke (hands and legs), just like we adults swim.

About fly-stoke, children who attend their swimming lessons continuously once a week – are able to swim all four strokes!!! Amazing isn’t it?!

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