Learn to Swim

Learning to swim and doing so at the right age.

In Ori Sela’s Water World we work with all ages, in order to improve and learn how to swim there is a beginning but not an end. There aren’t any specific rules to the right time to start learning or when to stop. Every individual with his or her personality and progress, the most important thing is to never give up because it’s never too late.

The first acquaintance with the water is at the age of three months actual swimming (performing of hands in breast-stroke and legs performance in crawl and also breathing) we start to teach at around the age of three. Through the many games in the water we teach the children many coordinated movements, strengthen their shoulder girdle and the specific muscles in order for them to breathe and make good progress in the water in an improved style. Results are amazing, kids at the ages of three to three and a half are able to swim an entire length of a half Olympic pool, they jump freely in to the water and can dive without the help of adults.

Which stroke to start at the beginning?

In 90% of the cases we teach breast-stroke and not crawl, despite of the complex movement of the legs in this specific style. Breast-stroke has a very significant way of strengthening the shoulder girdle than any other of the strokes. In addition to that it is also known to have the shortest period of time of successfully combining moments of hands and legs with breathing – for swimming in a 25 M pool. “Crawl” is taught first in cases where there is a problem in performance of the legs in breast-stroke or in cases of back and neck problems which can worsen due to breast-stroke.

מוכנים לקפוץ למים?
Ready to jump into the water?


לקוחות יקרים

ביום ראשון תשעה באב כל המרכזים של עולם המים פתוחים כרגיל למעט סניף קריית אונו – עירונית שיהיה סגור.

הסניף בבית נועם בקריית אונו בריכה טיפולית
פתוח כרגיל.