Rehabilitative swimming, hydrotherapy and Watsu in the water is the best therapy instrument known today. The physical qualities of the water provide many benefits to all sorts of treatment.

The density of the water together with hydro static pressure and also the temperature of the water create a strong stimulus of “movement sensation”. The waters resistance strengthens the muscles and enlarges self confidence.

The sensation of the hot water is calming and loosening and allows extra movement in the water.

The floatation and space in the water permits the patient to perform movement that couldn’t have been performed had the patient been outside the water – due to gravity.

The water assists us in order to prevent or ease pain such as back and neck pain, joints etc.

Rehabilitative swimming is suitable for all and we match the kind of treatment to the existing limitations, the treatment is performed parallel to relaxation of the muscles, their flexibility, their straitening, weight balance and more.

מוכנים לקפוץ למים?
Ready to jump into the water?


לקוחות יקרים

ביום ראשון תשעה באב כל המרכזים של עולם המים פתוחים כרגיל למעט סניף קריית אונו – עירונית שיהיה סגור.

הסניף בבית נועם בקריית אונו בריכה טיפולית
פתוח כרגיל.